2008 2014

A Simple HIndex Estimator

Scientific conferences and their impact metrics are important for the Computer Science community. However, currently, there is no tool that is universally accepted for accessing their citation-based impact metrics, since the tools that provide such information diverge from each other. To tackle this problem, we developed LiveSHINE, a tool for evaluating impact metrics of Computer Science conferences and events alike.

Using LiveSHINE is rather simple, and in the following we provide a quick explanation on how to use it:

  1. Select one conference from the drop-down field. You can type parts of the conference name or its acronym to help with the selection. Notice that LiveSHINE works with a predefined set of conferences.
  2. Select the initial and final year of the interval you want to search from the respective drop-down fields.
  3. The interface will show a list of papers in descending order of the number of citations. Besides the usual paper metadata, each entry in the list also shows a timestamp identifying when the current citation count was last updated for this paper. The list is divided into two sublists. One with papers that contribute to the H-index and one those that do not contribute.
  4. The information on the H-index computed for the conference in the period selected is presented above the list of papers.